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GRE Test day

The destiny of your abroad migration will entirely based on your movements of the test day because any misstep on your test day might impact your performance in the test and all your months of preparation and the money you've invested will go in vain. Let's discuss some do's on test day,

Usually, we cannot work and focus on anything without being comfortable. Similarly, one cannot give his/her best in the test if he/she is uncomfortable by being. Hence, wear nice and comfortable clothes on the test day. Since there is no regulation on dress code, it is fair to wear an outfit you feel comfortable in, but make sure your outfit is not unacceptable on the test day.

Being punctual on the test day is very important for any competitive test. GRE is not an exemption, because if the test takers don't reach the test center on time, they will not be allowed inside the test center and the test fee you've paid will get wasted. So, it is heavily advisable to reach the test center before 30 minutes to prepare yourself for the test.

Test takers should not take any food or beverages or drugs inside the test center.

Sometimes test takers worry when they have reached wrong test center and the test start time is nearing, this usually happens when you don't know the test center location accurately, Hence, know about your allotted test center location one day before to avoid upsets on the test day.

Before you finish your test, you have to say a list of universities abroad to which you want to send your scores for free. As you'll be in the exam mood, it is not easy to memorize the university names. So, make a prepare a list of universities one day before the test day.

Do not prepare the previous day, because the preparation on the previous day might cause confusion in the whole preparation.

Prepare all your needs for the test day one day before like documents you need to carry to the test center, stationary(if it is a paper delivered test), and bag etc.