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GRE Test Day Tips

Although you stay focused and committed throughout your GRE preparation period, it is equally important to take certain measures on and before test day to avoid mishaps. Understand the below mentioned tips to give your best on the GRE test day,

  • Make a visit to the test centre two days before the official test date in order to get familiarized with the route and to help you to estimate the required time to reach the test centre on the test day. It gets easy for you to plan your way to the test centre to avoid the hectic traffic jams and other offences.
  • As you are about to finish the test, you have to select some universities where you want to your scores to reach. A list of universities with the respective countries will be viewed on the computer screen. So better make a research about the universities as per the courses it offers and the student satisfaction rate and list out four befitting universities to save your time.
  • Do not study on the previous day. If the truth be told, GRE is not any usual college exam to ram the concepts. Doing this can actually enhance the pressure in you and make you feel confused within the concepts. Thus, just relax by doing your favourite things like playing football, listen to music, go out for a walk etc.
  • Make sure that, you carry the entire documents like authorized passport to the test centres which are mandatory.
  • Do not eat heavy food which makes you feel bloated and cause illness on the test day. Better have foods like fresh fruits and other easily digestible foods.
  • Wear clothes in coatings as most test centres keep the temperature cool inside the room. So, better wear layered clothes if you get offended by cool temperatures.
  • Since you will not be allowed inside the test centre if you don’t reach on time, so better not involve in events which can make you get to bed late so, to the test centre on the next day.