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GRE Analytical Writing Assessment

The analytical writing assessment is one of the important sections in the GRE test which has to be focused more upon. Because scoring high in this section will definitely increase the possibility of getting admissions in the top universities. The test takers have to take two essays in the AWA sections-analyze an issue essay, and the argument essay writing tasks. These sections will assess the test takers ability to write a convincing statement which he/she must support and develop using a set of paragraphs.
Before you start to analyze an issue essay, the test takers should decide their version it can be either agreeing or disagreeing and, should support their position with valid shreds of evidence.

- analyze an issue presents you with a short statement about the issue and a set of conditions which are supposed to be included in your essay. Irrespective of the version(either agreeing or disagreeing), test takers have to incorporate the given conditions in their essay.
- It is advisable to take practice essays as much as possible, because they'll help you master writing the issue essay under the time limitations. - While you write better maintain the essay on the version you’ve chosen, because, even if you are not confident on your version in the argument, you have to completely support your version.
- Incorporating examples will be a benefit to your essay but make sure that the examples you are using in the essay are relevant and should be supporting your essay.
- maintained an organized structure to your paragraphs is very important. Indeed organized paragraphs carry out the initial impression on your essay while grading.
- You have to be conscious about your time while writing, so try to manage your time and write the essay highlighting the main content to support your version and to avoid collaterals. If you finish writing your essay, better try to include some add-ons, which can impress the graders and raise your chances of getting a better score.
- It was very necessary to be mindful about your spelling and grammar while writing, as graders consider them as well. Practice spelling and grammar during your prep period to avoid mistakes.
- Make sure your essay leaves proper navigation to the graders i.e. make sure your essay look structured with proper alignment from starting to the conclusion, so the graders will not get confused.
- It will be a benefit if you make use of complicated vocabulary, but make sure that they deliver a suitable meaning and they should not ruin the time of the graders in understanding.
- Do not repeat the same words in your essay as they might create apathy in the graders. You can repeat the words unless they have to be mentioned, something like “ keywords”.