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GRE Exam Fee

In India, the fee of GRE test for one attempt would be INR 14,488 (USD $ 205). The price in India depends on the US currency exchange rate. As it the currency rate keeps fluctuating very often, so check it before you make the online payment. The test fee of GRE varies for some countries, but the fee would be $205 in most of the countries.The test claimant has to pay the payment only once at the time of registration. If you want to amend the test giving date or test center, then you have to pay additional charges(Approx $50) to avail these services.If the claimants are taking subject test and want to change the subject, then they have to pay additional charges($50)extra.

Country GRE test fee
India USD 205/INR 14,488
Australia USD $230
China USD $220
Nigeria USD 205/INR 14,488
Turkey USD $230
Most countries USD $220