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GRE Exam Dates

Having millions of claimants rate growing for every year, the GRE stands as the globally recognized migration test by many reputed law, graduate and business schools. Like other migration tests, there is no specific date for the GRE test, in fact it is conducted around the year.Therefore, you can take take gre test at anytime of the year according to your convenience and flexibility. As the intakes in the abroad universities happen mostly in between August and december which is also referred as fall period, it will be tough for the claimants to get the test giving location and date of their interest, instead, they could only get the date and location according to the availability. Therefore, it is highly advisable to book the test giving location and date in advance.
The claimants can give gre test in two ways, computer-based GRE test or paper-based GRE test. Here, the claimants should be careful in while selecting the test giving date as computer-based test is organized around the year, whereas the paper-based test is conducted in the locations where computer based- test is not available. The dates of the computer-based test and the paper-based test will be different. It is advisable to book two months prior to your application date as you will have the chance to give the test again if needed.