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GRE Exam Pattern

The Exam Pattern is the most crucial concepts which every test taker should get hold on. The exam pattern supports the test takers to plan their prep strategy and in building traits necessary for the test day. GRE is not an exemption in this phenomenon even the GRE test takers should know about the GRE pattern if you are planning for a better score. In GRE, the test-takers will be evaluated based on four foremost skills such as verbal reasoning, quantitative reasoning, critical thinking, and analytical writing skills, by this choice of skills in evaluation we should understand that this test assesses the skills required in today's graduate and business level programs. The test takers performance in quantitative and verbal sections will get evaluated on a scale of 130-170 marks, and when it comes to analytical thinking the scores will be given on a scale of 0-6 with intervals of 0.5 marks,

This GRE test will get conducted in two formats,
1. Computer-based test.
2. Paper-based test.

Computerized GRE test:

The GRE computer-based test requires 3 hours and 45 minutes and, there are six segments in this test with a break of 10 min after the third segment. This computer-based test gets started with the analytical writing which has one section with two different tasks (one analyze an issue task and, one analyze argument task) encumbered in it. In analytical writing, each task will get 30 minutes. The next segment we have is verbal reasoning and, it has two sections(30 min for each section) where the test takers need to answer 20 questions per section. The third segment is quantitative writing and, it also has two sections and the test takers should answer 20 questions per each section. Unscored and research are the last segments, but here the questions and timing will differ.

The computer-based test will always get initiated by analytical writing, but the verbal reasoning, quantitative reasoning, and, unidentified/unscored segments may appear in any order. Therefore, being a test taker, you should equally focus on every section.

Let us understand paper delivered general test

The paper-based GRE general test goes for 3hr 30min and, there are three segments in this test such as analytical writing, verbal reasoning, and quantitative reasoning. In each segment test takers can find out two sections. The two sections of analytical writing are, analyze an issue and analyze an argument. In verbal reasoning, we have two tasks(35 min each) with 25 questions each. Quantitative reasoning is the last segment with two tasks(40 minutes each) with 25 questions each.